April 17, 2016 by Leo
I have been shooting the Omd Em-5 underwater and on land for almost a year now and it has not disappointed. Light weight and compact size is great for traveling to destinations where bag size is always an issue. Highly recommend the Omd series cameras. The camera fits well in my hand and controls are logically placed (for me anyway). Very customizable, which is important when taking a camera underwater. Battery life is not a problem, though I do recommend purchasing a spare battery so you can have one charging while your shooting. Lens selection is fantastic and the Pro series of lenses look extremely promising. I'm glad i made the switch from a bulky heavy dslr to M4/3. Lens wise I have been shooting with the kit 14-42mm IIr and the 60mm Macro. Both lenses work admirably with the Em-5. Looking forward shooting some new lenses, especially the 7-14mm pro and the 8mm fisheye. Reviews for the lenses will coming as soon as I get a chance to give them some use.
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April 2, 2016 by Bill
Love my Olympus!
This is my 3rd Oly camera and likely the best! The performance and features rival any camera on the market. The pictures and video are outstanding. I was so impressed, I bought my wife one as well. I cannot wait for our SCUBA trip to St. Maarten and Kitts. She will take pictures and I will shoot video. I expect excellent results! We have been diving for 20 years and love to bring home memories.
March 24, 2016 by Dog person
More and less
Once the camera was in hand, the learning process started. The camera is more than the ads could ever convey. When used with the 60 mm macro lens a whole new world is opened up. Something as common as a house fly is turned into a hairy monster. The camera is truly light and easy to handle. This is quite a step up from the Olympus TG-3 that is usually carried in a coat pocket. The wish list would be to have more buttons to program. There just are not enough buttons for special function assignment. The ability to program the button on the lens is nice (if the lens has buttons, not all have buttons). With just a push of the button on the lens, I can switch between AF and MF, no need to go to the menu. The 60 mm is without buttons, so a button on the camera body has to be used. I need more buttons. The built in telconverter is nice if you have a free button to assign that function. Hey guys, give us more buttons. One more button can be had with the addition of the battery grip. I want the same things that the TG-3 can do on the E-M5! I miss the focus stacking, and the wifi remote control that the TG-3 has. Sort of makes me wish that either the E-M5 II or the E-M10 were picked instead of the E-M5.
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March 3, 2016 by JW
Made me ditch my FF DSLR
This is the camera that I considered good enough to jump into mirrorless cameras. I liked the retro styling, reminding me of my first camera the OM-1n. I love the size, the quality of the pictures and the available lenses for this camera. I did struggle with the ergonmics of this camera. I struggled to find the buttons without looking at the back of the camera. For me, the battery holder/grip is a must. It made it more comfortable to hold the camera and easier to locate buttons. The IS is amazing. I have taken pictures at 1/15 sec at 200mm focal length and they are pixel peeping tack sharp. Battery life is short compare to previous DSLR so extra batteries are recommended.
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February 24, 2016 by Robert
One of the best cameras I have owned,Seems like I have put My DSLR'S away now.I have allwaysed liked Olympus Cameras and this one is great little camera with a lot of feathers.Way to go Olympus you have done it again.My only regret is that I didn't order one of the motorized lens with it.I wish they could bring down the prices on the accessories tho,being on a fixed income the micro 4/3s lenses and accessories are a little pricey.
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