June 3, 2015 by Craig
Best of the 43 Lenses
I have owned a copy of this lens for a couple years now. I am astounded by its sharpness. It is fast and bright. It is a bit heavy and the hood is quite large. Nevertheless, it is a pleasure to use indoors and out. This lens lifts your game a couple of notches. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
March 14, 2015 by Jay
Excellent on the E-M1
The extra stop over the u4/3 lenses is critical for me when shooting indoor sports. Adapted to the E-M1, it focuses quickly, even for indoor sports. It's also great for portraits and landscapes, details are sharp from corner to corner. This lens is sharp no matter if it's zoomed in or out, or if you're shooting wide open or stopped down. It's sharper than several of my prime lenses. Images taken with this lens have an unmistakable character to them, and the out of focus areas are rendered beautifully. Add in the weather resistant construction, and you have a nearly perfect lens.
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November 27, 2014 by Tim
Great Lens on the E-M1
The new MFT lenses are really sweet. But this FT classic is still fast, bright, and sharp once adapted to the E-M1. With an extra stop of wiggle room over its younger siblings, it's worth consideration and the investment.
August 27, 2013 by Carl
Outstanding Lens
I purchased this lens after purchasing the 14-35 over six months ago. I own the 50-200, which is a great lens, but the 35-100 exceeds it with great bokeh, sharpness and contrast. Did I say Sharpness? Super sharp. I use it every day in my studio both indoors and out. I love the colors outside. I couldn't live without this lens in my bag. Worth everything I paid for it.
August 24, 2013 by Roger
One fine piece of optics
This lens, along with the 14-35mm are really the only two lenses you need for a day out shooting. It also works quite well with the EC-14 that I own, and I suspect the EC-20 as well, with a one and two stop "penalty" being the only price for using these. This lens provides sharpness end to end, and the colors come out of the lens quite real, with not much post processing required. This lens is hefty, and you will get just a touch finer images with a tripod, but the weight speaks well of the optics inside, and those optics, and the build, is what makes this lens a beautiful part of the SHG class of Zuiko lenses. I use it with the E-5, E-620 and even the E-1, and it performs quite well on each. If you are serious in wanting stellar optics, get this one with the 14-35 and you just might find those optics.
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