June 9, 2012 by cbs
works well
I bought this solely to use with macspeech scribe and the results are excellent - there is even a 'DNS' scene preset. I suspect that the sound quality is so good that this device is overkill for Dragon products. That said, it is a poor substitute for a dedicated dictation unit, as one can not 'rewind' and re-record over a mistake with this unit. while I plan to use this device to record depositions from time-to-time, I've not done so yet so can't comment on how it will work; however, I did change 'scenes' to record an owl that visits my neighborhood every few months, and was amazed at how well it picked up every sound around me, including a distinct chirp of a smoke detector indoors and in the basement needing a battery replacement and the deep rumble of a growl of one of the dogs inside that heard me walk out past a window as i was getting in place to pick-up the owl. One thing I don't particularly care for is the fact that the 'Sonority' software only gives you the option to 'download all' but doesn't comply with the 'delete from device after download' command, so repeatedly downloads the same freakin' recording until you manually select and delete it.
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August 27, 2011 by Silly bean
Good quality and long battery life.
I was thinking of going for the dm2 rather, but I am so glad I rather took the 620 as its battery life is simply something I have never come across ever before. The omni mic was a great idea and it do make a difference. But what I also like more is that the unit now speak when you insert the batteries. Thank you for making this recorders blind friendly. I just wish that it had recording stand by wich you can switch on and off. I don't mean the stand by that is already with the VCVA settings. And it also need to provide more speech feedback such as the file properties system and memory information and when setting the date and time. The way the battery cover works is great and I don't have to worry that I mite take it off and lose it somewhere.
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August 13, 2011 by newsh16
Just what I thought
I currently also own the WS-710 which I like but the quality of recording just wasn't what I wanted. The DM- 620 gives me the quality of recording that I was looking for when I purchased it. I have compared both recordings several times and the 620 is superior. I found the buttons easy to use though I would agree the surface is slippery though I use the enclosed case when I am not using the recorder. I am an audible customer so the fact that it is compatible with audible was a bonus that I was not expecting. I am going to use it every day so I will report back on its durability. Overall, for the price, I think it is great so far.
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April 14, 2011 by citizen
Almost there...
I originally intended to purchase the well-reviewed DM-520 though went with the newer DM-620 recorder because of the third mic and more general interface, without dedicated podcast button, which I likely would not be using regularly anyway. My only initial misgiving was that it came in silver only, yet upon arrival it is more toward a handsome and understated pewter color versus bright silver, which was a relief and probably preferable to black. It was a surprise that the nicer flip-case was not included, instead a foam sleeve is included, though this will do although a flip-case would be preferred. The device is complex. It definitely has a learning curve if you want to customize for various 'scenes' and the product manual begins to fall short in explaining how to make the product work with regard to this functionality. Thus, a leap is needed to go outside the manual instructions to guess at how the device is supposed to be setup, and then figure it out yourself. A quite bizarre gap in device info, regarding scene setup, saving scenes, etc. And thus a potential 5 star device gets demoted to 4 stars and this area definitely needs more refinement and most certainly a firmware upgrade to make it work more effectively -- essentially the problem is software: you set a scene yet it is not in any way 'smart' and thus every time you want to record a certain way you must reset the device/scene, and remember to do this -- versus what should be happening --> scenes settings should be directly related to folders, so that my 'to-do' folder items are always in 128 mp3 without the central mic, and my 'piano recordings' folder are always set to record in PCM by default of choosing the folder... this additional layer of integrated functionality is missing and requires advanced thinking which takes time and could lead to recording mistakes and there should be no problem linking these saved settings to the folders, as a default setup. Then the product would be 5 stars -- not without its complications, though very worthwhile for what it does and can do very well. The only other aberration encountered was when recording live acoustic piano and testing the recording via playback through the back speaker, which captured a lot of noise. It was thought the recording itself was full of noise at first though it seems to be the speaker, perhaps with the third mic there is too much audio information for that speaker and it begins to rattle -- whatever the case, the recording turned out perfect though the little speaker had me fearing the worst, at first. This device is remarkable and a good investment for a recorder for voice notes and recording of music practice. It is of high quality and very well made. What is particularly telling, given how much functionality is built into such a small device, is the product packaging. Both the DM-520 and LS-10 have had the most ingenious product packaging I have ever encountered, and this is likely a reflection of the same design competency that goes into making these technological marvels. Overall, while there is room for improvement in the software functionality, more accurately 'refinements', and a flip-case would have been preferred for usability sake, this is an exceptional tool for audio recording that is worth the investment if a dedicated device is what is needed.
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April 13, 2011 by surferced
Some problems
It's heavy. It's slick so you can drop it. The record button is on the right side far from your thumb. Impossible to record "on the sly." Features are hidden behind several button pushes instead of one like on the 4100. Letters are hard to read in the window. Should have been dark on light like on the 4100. They messed up on this one. Oh, sure it records okay.