October 30, 2015


If you can take only one lens with you, take this one

Covering the range from 24 to 120mm (in 35mm terms), this lens gives you everything you need when you have to go it with just one. The lens is sharp throughout the range, offers close focus when you need it, focuses quickly and offers good sharpness wide open. There is nothing else in the FT, MFT lens stable currently that covers this range. Introduced with the E-3, it balances perfectly on this camera. On lighter cameras, the E-410 for example, (which is nearly the same size as the E-M1 but lighter) it feels nose heavy, so use on the newer cameras may require a grip for best feel and handling.

May 14, 2015


Phenomenal lens

I have had this lens for about a year, and it is the best purchase I have ever made! It is my "go to" lens and I use it for 50% or more of my shooting. This is a high end lens that should be in everybody's camera bag! It has an excellent zoom range for most purposes and when paired with the 50-200 mm, completes my collection. I would recommend this lens to everybody!

May 05, 2015


Great lens for OM-D E-M1

I purchased this lens before the 12-40mm lens was released to have a walk around lens for my OM-D E-M1. The zoom range and f- stop combination is ideal for most of my photography, landscapes and informal portraits. The one star reduction is for autofocus. At the wide end the lens-body combination sometimes has trouble autofocusing on the subject and I have to zoom the lens, autofocus and then zoom back to wide angle or switch to manual focus. Sharpness and color are excellent. I have both the 12-40mm and 12-60 mm lenses, but the 12-60mm is the one that stays on my M1. Another advantage if you are traveling light is that both the 1.4x and 2.0x teleconverters fit the lens.

December 12, 2013



I have had this ED 12-60 f/2.8-4.0 SWD lens for over four months now, and use it mainly on an E-5, but also on an E-500. This lens works great on these two bodies; focus is extremely fast on the E-5, due to the SWD feature, but focus is also really good on the E-500… just not quite as fast, and not very often it will miss locking into focus.

The lens is just a super “All Around Lens”, letting you shoot so many scenes; everything from Ultra Wide, Standard, Short Telephoto. I use it on my E-5 almost all the time. The weight is slightly more, at about 570 g, compared to about 270 g for my 14-45 lens, or 480 g for my 11-22; but the 12-60 lens is not too heavy, and feels balanced and comfortable to hold with the E-5 and Evolt-500. On the new E-M5 it feels a little “lens-heavy”, due to the lighter weight of the E-M5, so I don’t use that combo very often; besides, I have their 12-50mm M4/3 lens for the E-M5.

The 12-60mm is a great choice! I recommend it highly.

April 10, 2012


Must of Olympus Evolt owner

Fast, top notch built quality, good size, sharp.... there is nothing bad to say about this lens. Anyone has E-series should get this lens.

October 22, 2011


Every bit as good as other reviews say

I've been using this lens for about a year, after using the 14-42mm kit lens which came with my E-520. The sharpness and color accuracy of this lens' images have to be seen to be believed. Flare is almost non-existent. Autofocus is extremely fast. Portraits taken by it look totally natural. There is nothing I don't like about this lens. It's improved the standard of my photography and motivated me to be more creative.

March 18, 2011


Excellent Lens for non early adopter

I am not an early adopter in investing lens, use standard kit lenses for more than 4 years starting 2006 for my E500.
Recently I bought 12-60 SWD lens (after read many review and see sample images).

Result: very satisfied, detail is good. Most amazing is: at 60 mm can shot object only 10 cm from the lens, semi macro usage provide very sharp image and good detail.

At medium range object focus on the object at lower aperture is very nice, own creativity is the limit.

I have no hesitance to recommend this lens to anyone who want to get the most of your Olympus gear :)

December 30, 2010


Fantastic lens

I've shot professionally with many different cameras and formats from film to digital for over 30 years and this is one of the few lens of any type that I've been extremely happy with using. It's sharper, smaller and more durable than anything that's out there.
Digitally the sharpness is amazing with perfect color. I'm happy to have switched brands to use these lenses.

December 02, 2010


Quick, Quiet, and Sharp

I am an advaced amateur photographer with sixty years of experience with large format, medium format, 35mm, and digital equipment from all of the major brands. Never have I been so happy with a lens. I first bought it for use on E610, and now use it with the E30.

I shoot mostly landscapes, panoramas, travel, and architecturual subjects, so the wide angle suits my style perfectly.