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Electronic Viewfinder VF-2 (Silver)

SKU# 260058-410


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The VF-2 Live Finder, for a PEN system model with an accessory port or XZ-1 easily slides into the camera's accessory port and hot shoe when needed - for example, when shooting in direct sunlight.

It also tilts up to 90°, a real benefit when composing shots at low angles for dramatic or practical purposes. The LCD is 2x brighter and has 3x more contrast than competing models.

Its high magnification and built-in diopter adjustment offer easy viewing with and without eyeglasses. You can also adjust the brightness and color temperature of the view finder using the E-P2's EVF ADJUST menu function. Brightness can be modified + or - seven steps. The VF-2 refreshes quickly to minimize image ghosting on fast-moving subjects.

Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) technology enables high-speed transfer of high-resolution images.

Aspherical lenses ensure high resolution from center to edge.

Note: The VF-2 cannot be used at the same time as an external flash or microphone adapter. When the VF-2 is connected to a PEN digital camera, do not carry the camera by holding the VF-2.


  • Resolution: Approx. 1,440,000 dots
  • 1.15" (W) x 1.9" (H) x 1.82" (D) (29.21 mm x 48.26 mm x 46.23 mm)
  • Approx. 1.2 oz (32 g) without cover
  • 100% field of view
  • Approx. 1.15x magnification (-1m-1, 50 mm Macro, at infinity)
  • Eye-point: Approx. 18 mm (-1m-1)
  • Diopter adjustment (-3.0 to +1.0m-1)
  • Frame rate: 60 fps
  • EVF brightness and color temperature adjustment via camera menu (EVF ADJUST)

    Item #260058

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