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FL-300R Flash

SKU# V326110SU000-410


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The Olympus FL-300R is an easy-to-operate versatile external flash for your PEN or OM-D Camera. With an equivalent GN (Guide Number) of 28 at ISO 200, you can accomplish flash shooting with stable light and optimum brightness. It functions as a bounce flash and wireless remote flash with enough power for most any typical shooting situation. Photographers can use it in tandem with the camera's built-in, pop-up flash, or as an alternative to it. Additionally, it has the ability to function wirelessly through a remote control function on the E-P3, E-PL3 and E-PM1.

Lightweight yet powerful, this compact flash unit enables versatile and creative lighting options - even in tricky, low-light conditions. There are no annoying cables either, thanks to its remote control (RC) wireless functionality. The design also features a bounce head for indirect flash set-ups and regulated lighting close to distance objects. The FL-300R flash has a guide number of 28 at ISO 200 and can be controlled directly from the camera LCD. As well as being easily portable in any camera bag, its sleek exterior and stylish silver finish also matches perfectly with the classic look of the PEN models. Nevertheless the FL-300R features an integrated wide panel to cover the field up to a Micro Four Thirds lens with a focal length of 9mm.
  • Guide Number 28 at ISO 200 (when built-in wide panel is not in use), Guide Number 16 at ISO 200 (when built-in wide panel is in use)
  • 9mm equivalent coverage (35mm equivalent focal length = 18mm) with built-in wide panel
  • Bounce capability: Down 30 degree, Up: 60 degree
  • 3 modes: TTL-AUTO, AUTO, Manual, RC
  • AAA(R03) 2 alkaline batteries or AAA(R03)2 NiMH batteries
  • 2.2(W)x3.5(H)x1.1(D)in
  • 97g (3.4oz)[excluding batteries]
  • Includes flash stand and soft case
Item #V326110SU000

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Customer Reviews of the FL-300R Flash

June 17, 2013


You just can't rely on it.

This is a cheaply-made flash. The battery-door cover, fell off of mine and I have had to use duct tape to close it. I got it for free during an Olympus promotion last year.

While it is better than the flash that ships with the camera, it is not something you can rely on to perform when you need it.

When I travel and shoot photos all day, I have to carry 3 extra sets of batteries for the flash, to make sure the flash will not go dead.

Worse still, is that it takes a long time for the flash to recycle. I miss a lot of shots while I am waiting for the flash to refresh itself.There is some hope: 

I just ordered the FL - 600F Wireless Electronic Flash for my OM-D. I am hoping it will do a better job.

April 22, 2012


Compact and packs a punch

The Olympus FL-300R flash effectively meets my requirements and exceeds my expectations. It provides all the application angles (full, fill, bounce, close macro) and power capabilities (from light shadow fill to illuminating a room) that one would expect of a standard external flash unit mountable on a hot shoe, but at the size and design weight to not overload or unbalance a compact system camera like the slim XZ-1. It additionally can operate mounted as TTL-Auto, or work by wireless remote to supplement the pop-up flash of the Olympus XZ-1 and certain Olympus PEN and other cameras. Photographs taken with this flash have far exceeded my expectations for quality from such a small unit. I bought this flash for its size and compatibility with my camera, and am fully satisfied by what it brings to the total package.

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