EP-10 Standard Replacement Eyecup (E-M5)

1.5 Stars

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EP-10 Standard Replacement Eyecup (E-M5)

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EP-10 Standard Replacement Eyecup (E-M5)
1.5 Stars
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Availability: In stock

Item #V3291300W000-410

EP-10 Standard Replacement Eye cup for E-M5

Item number V3291300W000

EP-10 Standard Replacement Eyecup (E-M5)


EP-10 Standard Replacement Eye cup for E-M5 Item number V3291300W000
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July 22, 2015 by Anne
A bit of a quality issue
I love my camera, but am also disappointed about how quickly the rubber separated from the plastic clip. I have purchased the larger eye cup. It works well, perhaps better with glasses but understandably projects further from the back of the camera making it both bulkier and obscuring the fold out view finder. I am going to try and repair my initial cup to make the camera Still love the camera.
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October 3, 2013 by Derek
Does not live up to the build quality of the OM-D
After 1 month of shooting the rubber became unattached from the plastic clip. It is very poor glue if any was used. The rubber cap fell off when I was taking street shots and is now lost on the road somewhere in Cambodia. I'm going to try the larger eyecup when I get back home however I am quite dissapointed that it only lasted 3-4 weeks before coming loose.
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